On-Demand Digital Lab-as-a-Service

Easy To Implement Digital Pathology Systems At Economical Cost

Often due to financial constraints or limited internal resources, many lab partners as well as healthcare providers face challenges for purchasing the whole slide scanners and scanning of slides. For such challenges, OptraSCAN has come up with a solution – Digital Lab as a Service.

For Those Who Want To Be Future Ready With OptraSCAN And Setup A Digital Infrastructure In Their Lab

We will setup digital infrastructure in your lab by deploying OptraSCAN whole slide scanners, workflow software, web and mobility viewers, on-demand analytical tools, as well as storage servers. OptraSCAN will ensure the uptime of this digital infrastructure and partner with you to overcome any technical bottlenecks while you focus on your core laboratory business.

Our partners have witnessed seamless operations and cost-effective Digital Transformation at as low as $1* per slide.

(* Terms and Conditions apply)
How can we help?
  • We estimate your requirements
  • Basis the estimate, we design a digital workflow
  • OptraSCAN® will be installed in your laboratories
  • Our digital workflow software is then deployed at your lab
  • A cloud-based Laboratory Information System (LIS) will be configured
  • OptraSCAN’s own analytics tools will help analyze the slides
  • Storage upto 100 TB will be provided
  • 24×7 technical support will ensure smooth running of this digital infrastructure
Low cost digital pathology scanner

We are continuing to assistseveral laboratories, cancer research organizations, pharma or biotech firms as well as many renowned universities and educational institutes in setting up the digital infrastructure

For Those Who Wish Optrascan To Help With Slide Scanning

You need to simply send us your whole glass tissue slides, we will scan them using our advanced OptraSCAN’s scanners and share the scanned images on the server; so that you can perform your diagnosis in no time and at a very affordable cost.

To know more about OptraSCAN’s on-demand Digital Lab-as-a-Service solution offering

BenefitsOf On-Demand Digital Lab-as-a-Service (DLaaS)
  • Allows you to focus on your core areas of working without any technological and operational burdens
  • No change in infrastructure of your existing eco-system
  • No capital investment for purchasing the scanner, software, servers, network, security, etc.
  • IT support rendered by expert technical team
  • Clear and analyzed images help to provide accurate diagnosis of the tissue slide
  • Help leverage lab set-up that involves frameworks, technical expertise, etc.
  • Competitive pricing model

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