United States Patent and Trademark Office Awards ‘On-Demand Digital Pathology’ Trademark Registration to OptraSCAN

Nov 22, 2017

OptraSCAN is proud to announce its trademark award of ‘On-Demand Digital Pathology’ as it disrupts the market with solutions to accelerate the adoption of digital pathology.

OptraSCAN is working to eliminate the barriers of adopting digital pathology no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab’s throughput or global location. By introducing an affordable On-Demand system that maximizes return on investment, OptraSCAN is working to help pathologists and practitioners improve patient outcomes through access to affordable digital pathology.

OptraSCAN On-Demand Digital Pathology® is a unique model that allows users to choose the options they need, and only pay for what they use. On Demand solutions include OptraSCANTM low and high throughput WSI scanners (equipped for brightfield, fluorescent and frozen section/live view mode), an integrated image viewer and image management system ImagePathTM, TELEPathTM Telepathology, OptraASSAYSTM Image Analysis and CARDSTM Computer Aided Region Detection System; all equipped with up to 10 TB of complimentary cloud storage.

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